Michael Brown Sr. the father of the man that was shot to death by a Ferguson police officer, has joined the “anti-black lives matter” movement. The group named “BLM10 plus” is demanding transparency in the handling of funds and donations to BLM.

BLM 10 plus released a statement in which they highlighted the ideas of the newly formed alternate version of Black Lives Matter.

“Black Liberation must be about more than protecting the few of us that are doing well. It must be about building a movement that will ensure all of us get free,” the statement says. “Because successful movements are collective, not individual, they must be rooted in accountability that protects all of our people. Our love for the people means we have a duty to prioritize this principled accountability for each other, our communities, and the struggle for Black Liberation.”

Black Lives Matter suffered a significant blow to its credibility amid allegations of one of its CO-founders, “Patrisse Cullors,” spending millions on homes hit the media. Cullors would retire from her position just weeks after the story leaked. However, her retirement did not stop the outrage, as former BLM supporters have grown skeptical of the organization’s handling of funds.

According to multiple news outlets, there are more parents of shooting victims that have decided to join the anti-BLM movement.

Read the full article at BLACKENTERPRISE.COM

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