San Francisco city employees have until July 29, to get their covid vaccinations or they will be terminated.

As The points out, San Francisco’s decision is just the latest in a string of government agencies, workplaces, including Universities all across the country, that are forcing employees/students to be vaccinated.

Although the Covid vaccination is not mandatory for US citizens, at least not on the federal level. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to function in society without proof if vaccination.

With all of the commercials and advertising, you would think people would be kicking down doors to get the jab.  However, reports 318 million Americans have been fully vaccinated 45.4% of the US population.

All-day long, we hear and see these commercials touting how effective the vaccine is. Hell, I can’t even listen to a sports podcast without hearing about it. But if the jab is so effective, then why are businesses forcing people to be vaccinated?

You would think that if the vaccine is as effective as advertised, then the unvaccinated people would be of no risk to the vaccinated. The worst-case scenario is the people that have not been vaccinated would be a threat only to themselves. In that case, businesses could have their unvaccinated workers sign a waiver. But a waiver is not an option. What is an option is you take the jab, or you are fired!

Vaccination is not mandatory at the federal level, so the globalists can say that they are not forcing citizens to be vaccinated, and from there, they will make the claim that anyone who says the vaccine is mandatory is a right-wing conspiracy theorist. But that’s just the thing; the federal government will never have to mandate the Covid vaccine. They will incentivize the institutions to do it for them.

It’s pretty clever, isn’t it?

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