The Trump after-effects are still in effect. The mainstream thought they would get rid of Trump and just ride off into the sunset. Oh, but what a difference a year makes!

MSM was so obsessed with destroying Trump that they may have forgotten a critical component that news networks need to keep their audiences; that word is “CREDIBILITY”. The mainstream media has lost all credibility and no one is watching. CNN has lost 70% of its audience and has not been able to crack a million viewers on daily basis.

Add MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace to that list of dying cable-news shows. THE GATEWAY PUNDIT reports Nicole Wallace has lost 80% of her audience since Trump left the White House.


I predicted some time ago that once Trump leaves the White House, all of these BS news shows would lose their ratings. I didn’t expect their audience to evaporate completely. However, it is a beautiful thing to see. Hopefully, this trend will force these cable networks to start reporting real news unbiasedly, but I doubt that it is even possible at this point.

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