Remember back when people use to say that the globalist was going to use the military to incorporate a global carbon footprint tax on humanity? Remember back when that was just some crazy conspiracy theory? Well, none dare to call it a conspiracy theory anymore.

VP. Harris spoke to U.S Navy personnel, where she made a remarkable claim that climate change was a “threat to national security.” Some may say I am exaggerating or misrepresenting what she is saying. But if you have listened to the rhetoric that Democrats and their liberal media have unleashed on the public over the past three decades, you will know precisely what this is leading up to. Soon we will be in a globalist, fascist state, where military personnel & law enforcement will regulate how often you can leave your house, how far you can drive, how much food you can eat, etc. It will all be done in the name of saving the planet.

Even though the leading global warming fearmonger “Al Gore” has made predictions that have been proven to be false, the left-wing media managed to change “global warming” into “climate change.” Which conveniently switches the narrative from the earth becoming hotter to the earth just simply changing. This changes the language altogether and gives them leeway when researchers debunk their false claims.

Somehow the liberal media has failed to mention Al Gore’s predictions that the artic will be gone by the year 2011 turned out to be completely inaccurate.

In 2006, then FOX News host “Chris Wallace.” confronted Al Gore about his failed predictions that he made in his 2006 documentary “An Inconvenient Truth,” which turned out to be nothing more than a very convenient lie.

As TOWNHALL, points out, Al Gore falsely predicted in his 2006 film that by 2016, Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa would be snow-free and that weather would worsen, with more frequent hurricanes. Yet, these so-called experts keep touting these convenient lies to condition the masses that humanity is evil.


Now it seems as if the Biden administration is laying the groundwork for military involvement in this so-called war against climate change, which is really just another stronghold on humanity implemented by the globalist elites.

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