Faith in Dr. Fauci has decreased sharply, especially amongst Republicans. According to The Daily Wire, Fauci has seen a significant drop in Americans that trust his judgment.


In a poll conducted by the Trafalgar Group, 42% of those surveyed have decreased faith in Fauci. This is in stark contrast to the polls taken just a year ago.


At the start of the pandemic, Fauci was the go-to guy, “the expert,” of all experts. Millions of Americans put their faith in him as they trusted him with their lives. As the Wuhan lab theory becomes more accepted by the public, the public image deteriorates. Although mainstream media continues to fain over him as if he is the second coming of Christ, on the contrary, more and more Americans are becoming skeptical of Dr.Fauci, and some even questioning his integrity.

If Americans have lost faith in Dr. Fauci, then how much faith have they lost in the politicians and cooperated media conglomerates that have promoted Dr. Fauci?

It safe to say that at this point, Americans have completely lost faith in their government and mainstream media. The problem is big tech is entirely controlled by oligarchs that can manipulate data to make an unpopular opinion seem popular. In this case, Dr. Fauci is not as trusted as mainstream media would like you to believe he is. However, their propaganda machine allows them to ignore polls such as the one that Trafalgar conducted.


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