CNBC reports, a growing number of colleges and universities require students to be vaccinated. Namely, the State University of New York and the City University of New York, which requires proof of vaccination.

Some students are protesting the mandatory vaccination requirement, sighting damning information released by the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), coming out regarding the safety of the covid vaccines.

The “VAERS” database only accounts for 1% of deaths and adverse effects caused by vaccines. In truth, the actual number of deaths, as well as injuries, caused by vaccines may never be known to the public. Censorship of information makes the covid vaccines even more dangerous. Many people have rolled up their sleeves to take the vaccine without understanding the potential for long-term effects that the vaccine may have on their bodies.

The increased pressure to “go back to normal.” has caused some that would generally be hesitant to feel the need to take the jab, so they can go on with their lives.


In an article published by THE DAILY BEAST, back in December of 2020, the elite’s plan to deal with anti-vaxxers was laid out in detail. The plan is to outcast them from the rest of society. It seems as if the ultimate goal of the powers that be is to keep applying pressure on individuals that do not want to take the vaccine by denying them entry into movie theatres, restaurants, grocery stores, etc.

Mainstream media is already normalizing the need for “proof of vaccination” to do anything and everything in the future. CBS NEWS published an article highlighting how vital the vaccination card will be, hinting that it will be necessary to travel and enter certain facilities.


While there may be no clear indication that a vaccine mandate will reach the federal level, there is, however, an increase of political pressure on the non-vaccinated, who is being accused of prolonging the so-called pandemic. Some on the left have even accused the non-vaccinated of being terrorists and comparing them to nazis. As crazy as that may sound, that is the world that we are living in now.

What’s going to be interesting is the response from the non-vaccinated when it gets to the breaking point. When we finally reach that point where reality sets in that we can no longer list go along to get along. Americans can not allow this tyranny to continue. We are dangerously close to becoming communist China 2.0 or even Venezuela. If there was ever a time for true resistance, the time is now.

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