Over the past week, Elon Musk has received significant backlash from crypto holders after he announced that Tesla will no longer accept Bitcoin.

Musk’s announcement appeared to send Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies spiraling in a downward projection. Musk has been under fire ever since. Some Bitcoin holders are furious, claiming that Musk is allegedly manipulating the crypto market.

Interestingly enough, even though Musk announced that Tesla will no longer accept Bitcoin, Musk himself has not gotten rid of his own Bitcoin.

Musk has some people speculating that the elitists have set him up to be the frontman for cryptocurrencies. In other words, he is the market manipulator. With a significant amount of people holding on to his every word/tweet, Elon Musk has the power to send any crypto up or down in value.



In my opinion, Musk is likely working on behalf of his fellow billionaires who are keen on swallowing up the cryptocurrency market just as the hedge funds have done to the stock market. Musk constantly tweets about dogecoin, a “nothing” coin and a complete waste of time and money. Dogecoin to the moon can be seen everywhere, and that’s because Musk has made the meme coin into one the biggest memes on the internet over the past few months. Ultimately, the new crypto investors may not be aware of the games that people like Musk plays and may end up dumping huge amounts of their money into dogecoin, not realizing that there other coins that have way more potential for financial gains than dogecoin.


The dogecoin deception is designed to keep the “little guys” in a quagmire while thinking they are investing in a cryptocoin that will bring them significant gains; they miss out on more legitimate coins increasing in value. While the little guys are distracted by trash coins such as dogecoin, they miss out on better options that will later rise in value; the price will be out of reach for the working class.

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