Democrats hate you. After a long grueling year of being told you are none essential and that you are a super spreader if you don’t socially distance and shut down your local business Nancy Pelosi, is now suggesting that illegal immigrants are not spreading COVID.

Pelosi bashed Republicans for stating the obvious that if U.S citizens have been super spreaders, then certainly immigrants crossing the border have to be also. But “Nasty Nancy” has managed deflect, switching the narrative back to Trump.

“The loss of so many lives comes to the fact that one year ago the President of the United States called [COVID] a hoax.” Pelosi said.

Newsflash, Trump is not in the White House, and immigrants are flooding the border in the middle of this so-called pandemic. You would think Democrats would be terrified of COVID spreading due to untested and unvaccinated groups of people crossing the U.S border. But actually, it appears that only Republicans and Trump supporters are capable of spreading a virus. Everyone else is just contributing to herd immunity. Or at least that would Pelosi and her fellow “science experts,” aka the Democratic party, would have you believe.

Of course, mainstream media has yet to call out Democrats for their sudden change of heart after a year of fear-mongering and blaming people that don’t socially distance for the spread of COVID. We all can see that none of these mainstream news networks have any unbiased reporters. The media and big tech’s only job is to persecute the right and protect the left.

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