Rand Paul absolutely destroys the race-baiting, lefty liberal hacks. After four years of liberals claiming Russia influenced and may have potentially hacked into manipulated the 2016 presidential election, liberals are now crying racism in response to Georgia’s ruling on voter ID.



Voter ID is not in any way racist, but it is a measure that helps protect the integrity of elections, whether they be local or national. But just as they do with everything else, Democrats are damn near breaking their necks to use the race card even comparing voter ID to “Jim Crowe” laws.

Common sense has been completely thrown out of the window. There is no more reasoning with these socialists, who have gone full-blown fascists/ communists. The most frustrating thing about it all is they have successfully convinced the masses that freedom is slavery and that slavery is freedom.

As a black man, I am sick of these liberal con-artists constantly throwing the African American community into every conversation. Most African-Americans are probably unaware that the left sees them as useful idiots. Democrats have mastered the art of word manipulation, which they use as a political weapon and a cover for their socialist’s policies. Furthermore, Democrats see minorities as a political shield to cover up hidden agendas.

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