Reuters – Governments and airlines in Europe are hoping that vaccine certificates and digital health apps can help make travel for the masses a reality again this summer after a year of COVID-19 restrictions.

Vaccine certificates have become a hot topic across the world. Not only for air travel abroad, but some government officials have been floating the idea of using vaccine certificates in the homeland.

Israel has already opened up much of the country to those who have been fully vaccinated or have recovered from COVID. Citizens who have the “green passports” on their person will be granted entrance into individual facilities—this new approach to the reopening of Israel all but outcasts the non-vaccinated from the rest of society.

Citizens that have protested against Israel’s “green passport” policy argue that it violates their rights to privacy.

But all over the world, vaccination passports have become normalized.

CNBC’s Shepard Smith interviewed NYU professor, Arthur Caplan who is also the Director Divison Medical Ethics. Caplan predicted that the U.S is likely to adopt vaccine passports.

“I’ll make a prediction; vaccine passports will be here by the fall, certainly by next year. Airlines, cruise ships, hotels, gyms, bars, they’re all going to say look in order us to tell our customers that it’s safe we want to see that passport.” Caplan said.

For anti-vaxxers, this is a nightmare scenario. Much like Israel, U.S citizens that refuse to be vaccinated could find themselves very much caught off from society. However, much talk of mandatory vaccination has been deemed to be a conspiracy theory by mainstream media. The scary fact of the matter is, governments and businesses do not have to mandate vaccination; instead, they can just simply refuse service to those who have yet to be vaccinated. A country divided by the vaccinated and the non-vaccinated, making life as difficult as possible for anti-vaxxers who will more than likely be labeled “right-wing extremists.” that are apart of some Qanon cult. Finding work for these individuals will be challenging. Employers more than likely bypass non-vaccinated applicants even if it is not company policy.

As the world trends towards vaccination certificates via passports or smartphones (QR codes), many have already begun prepending themselves and their families for the fallout.

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