Watch “New York officials announce demands from Cuomo admin” on YouTube

NY Governor Cuomo is still under fire from the families that lost loved ones in the nursing home catastrophe. Even NY Democrats are demanding justice, making their voices heard during an outdoor presser. Noted, one of the attendees held a sign that read, “Cuomo killed my mother.”

As FOX NEWS pointed out, the academy is still silent on Cuomo’s Emmy after the nursing home scandal.

Also, the usually loud-mouthed AOC and the rest of the squad have been pretty damn quiet as well. After months of hearing libs scream Trump caused on COVID, it is odd to see them so silent all of a sudden, especially since Governor Cuomo is, in fact, responsible for the nursing home catastrophe.This shows that the pandemic was used as a political tool and never were US citizens’ lives at any time of real importance.

Although the liberal bias media is trying their best to keep pushing past this scandal, the victim’s families have made it clear that they are not going away and they will not be silenced.

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