London has more dollar millionaires than New York

New York’s draconian-style lockdown policies have driven away millionaires over the past year, as some have sought greener pastures in different states to keep from dealing with Governor Cuomo’s covid mandates.

As many publications have reported the London now has more millionaires than New York. What those publications failed to mention were the reasons why London now has more millionaires than the big apple. President Trump tried to warn Democrats that the lockdown would cripple the US economy, and Democratic Mayors and Governor’s gleefully ignored his warning. Eventually, the lockdowns crushed small businesses throughout the country. Of course, Democrats were not upset about the destruction of small businesses anyway. They seemed all too eager to tell everyone to stay at home and impose curfews while reminding their citizens that they were not considered “essential.”

What Governor Cuomo did not anticipate was the mass exodus of millionaires that I spoke about earlier. Some may recall Cuomo embarrassingly begged them to reconsider their departure. After all, somebody has to bear the brunt of New York’s high taxes.


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