So now that the communist has successfully destroyed the U.S economy and broke some people all the way down to homelessness. The next target for the elites is freedom of speech.

After Trump was banned from Twitter, he went to Parler; Google responds by removing Parler from Google Play Store. The elites are sending a message, and it is a big one. Every platform that allows freedom of speech and allows content creators to have a voice will be removed from the net.

Twitter took a massive loss due to their removal of Trump, and a slew of conservative content creators jumped for joy. However, the truth is these elitists do not care about taking a loss in the stock market or how many people are no longer utilizing Twitter as a social media platform. No, what they care about is the silencing of the bold.

Whether you support Trump or not, it is evident that he represents the fall of the republic. This is obviously a psyop. The idea is to silence Trump to normalize censorship. If they can censor the President of the United States, then anyone can be silenced. And that’s the idea. The capital hoax was just a stepping stone to the big internet purge. Next, it will be no more protests at all, period!

Whether or not Trump has been complicit in all of this, I honestly don’t know. But it doesn’t matter anymore because the damage has already been done. The new terrorism is now freedom of speech.

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